It Will Get Better

Thanks to Adam Roberts at The Amateur Gourmet for Tweeting this fantastic video from Ft. Worth, TX city councilman Joel Burns, entitled, It Will Get Better.

I don’t know if you’ve paid attention to the spate of teen suicides in the last couple months — several teens who either were gay or were identified by peers as being gay died by suicide. If you aren’t appalled at the stories that come from these teens’ schools — the intense, prolonged bullying that these boys had to endure with a blind eye from teachers and school administrators — then you aren’t paying attention. School is supposed to be a safe place, and we all owe it to our students to do what we can to keep them safe. That means rooting out bullies and holding them accountable for their malice.

I know that teenagers have a hard time understanding that what they’re going through won’t last forever (both the good and the bad). When bullying or abuse is a factor, it can seem even more hard to bear. To students who are going through this, please find an adult you trust who can be an advocate for you. Try to build an alliance with schoolmates, if you can — it’s true that there is safety in numbers. Parents, be the hero your child needs. Teachers, do your job and protect the students in your charge. And to the bullies: shame on you.

Please believe me, and all the adults out there, when we say that it will get better. Don’t let anyone take your life from you. Find strength where you can, and reach out to others for help and support. We love you and want you to live, I promise.


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