Spammy Phone Calls

For the last week or so, I’ve been getting phone calls from 412-area code numbers. I was actually able to answer the phone today and the caller asked for Whitney (married last name). If you know me, I’m not married yet. I did some Googling, but it was inconclusive.

I finally had the bright idea to call the number back. Turns out that I have been getting called by the Donor Services line at Outreach Associates. I Googled THAT and found this great blog post explaining exactly who these people are. I’m pretty sure they got my number from Habitat for Humanity when I made a joint donation for myself and TR. So really, that shit pisses me off. I do a good thing to donate to a great charity, and now I’m getting phone-spammed by Direct Advantage Marketing.

Interested in those phone numbers? They are:




I’ll update this list if they call me again from a different number.



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2 responses to “Spammy Phone Calls

  1. grrrrr. that makes me very angry for you! so should i not donate to the habitat thing then?

  2. PK

    412-773-8567 is probably a number too.

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