Save Live 100.5!

Citadel Broadcasting is trying to shut down Birmingham’s best radio station, Live 100.5 (WWMM, Birmingham/Northport). This is absolutely my favorite radio station (ever?) and the ONLY reason I listen to radio. Today I sent the following email to the powers-that-be at Citadel to let them know exactly how I feel about this station and their decision.

Dear People in Charge at Citadel:
Please don’t pull the plug on Live 100.5! This is the only station I listen to in the Birmingham market and is the ONLY reason I have a radio in my home. I listen to Live 100.5 as I get ready in the morning, in the car on the way to work, and when I get home in the evening. (If I didn’t work in an open office, I would listen to Live 100.5 at work.) I love all three DJs (though I do wonder when Chris gets a break, isn’t he also producing Dru’s show??) and especially enjoy the special shows like Tuesday Night Music Club, Sunday Night Social, and Reg’s Coffee House. Live 100.5 has dynamic playlists that cross a wide range of genres and therefore appeal to a wide range of listeners, including ME!
Please, please, please, reconsider your idea to kill this station. This is the ONLY station like this in central Alabama. If I wanted to listen to pop garbage, I’d click over to 103.7 The Q or Magic 96.5. I listen to this station for a reason, and if this station goes off-air, I’ll be one more person contributing to the death of radio as a genre. I’ll have no choice but to get all of my music directly from iTunes and bypass the broadcast medium altogether. Let’s keep that from happening, okay? I like hearing music that people in my part of the country like! I like the dialog that we listeners have with our DJs, and I like having the Dave Rossi vibe back in the Birmingham market. You know that this format in this market has been so impactful; think about what Dave did at WRAX back in the day. He was the launcher of a thousand careers! John Mayer would probably still be singing in dive bars if it wasn’t for Dave. That same spirit is carried on by Live 100.5 now.
If the number-crunchers at Citadel are concerned about market share and advertising returns, might I make two points? First, your target demographic is among those least likely to have landlines, making them virtually inaccessible to Arbitron and the like. In this ever-changing techno-culture, perhaps you should find alternate methods to determine market share using technology that your target demo is likely to access (say,email?  Facebook? Twitter?).
Additionally, perhaps your station and advertising manager at Live 100.5 would see better advertising returns/success rates if they had the freedom to be flexible in both advertisers and advert types. I generally do not think that the advertisers on Live 100.5 are relevant to the target demo — back-to-back ads for credit debt relief and buying out foreclosed homes? Advertisers like Levy’s Jewelers, Zoe’s, and Soca Clothing are more appropriate to your demo! As for ad types, I find the Levy’s ads that Reg and Chris read to be much more impactful than the 15- or 30-sec pre-recorded spots that run during the commercial breaks. I listen to the station partly because of the DJs, so I like hearing what they have to say about the advertiser!
Begging you… throwing myself prostrate at your radio executive feet… Please don’t kill this station. Let us keep this important facet of our thriving indie culture in Birmingham!
Thank you in advance…

(a loyal listener)

Please consider joining the group Save Live 100.5 on Facebook and letting Citadel know how much you love the station.


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