NOLA and the Saints

If you know me, you know how much I love  New Orleans, and how much I hate pro football. A coworker sent me this article about how the Saints have helped to rebuild New Orleans from the inside out. I dare you to read this article without tearing up, or at least getting a little flutter in your gut.

Now, I know that the Saints have been a part of the New Orleans culture since they were born. I’ve met people in New Orleans who keep an artificial Christmas tree up year-round, changing the ornaments to suit the season at hand; they even had a set of Saints ornaments for football season. The Saints are as much New Orleans as red beans and rice on Monday: if you tried to take them away, you’d destroy what makes it such a wonderful, distinct place.

I go to New Orleans as much as a I can, and I eat as much good food as I can every time I go. Maybe next time I’ll take in a Saints game. Gotta say “thank you” somehow, right?

Dirty Coast's Church t-shirt

Dirty Coast's Church t-shirt


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