My Buddy & Me

My Buddy

My Buddy

On July 10, our family dog Buddy left us to go run in that dog park in the sky. It was completely unexpected, and so we were all in shock on Friday. We buried him at home after a tearful good-bye/memorial service. There were construction workers doing some work on a house across the lake; I’m sure they were wondering what all that wailing was (I’ll lay claim to that).

We’re all still pretty upset over it, but I wanted to do a little virtual send-up for him. He seriously made our lives better, and made us better people.

Here are some of the things I’ll remember most about him:

1. 80,000 nicknames (Bubba, Boo-boo, Buddy-Boo, Wiggaly-Butt, Choctaw Baby [that one’s Mom, I’m not claiming that one], Our Special Baby, Baby, Precious, Howard [as in Hughes… don’t ask], Budster… the list goes on)

2. Pooping in the basement. Seriously, this dog had the run of the house. He literally had access to all three floors, but graciously limited his potty breaks to the basement. He was able to hit the pee-pee on the potty pad we provided, but for some reason, #2 just had to go on the concrete.

3. The Legend of Buddy & the Baby Jesus. When he was, I don’t know, like 4, we came home several times during the Christmas season to find that somehow our precious Budster had managed to finagle Baby Jesus out of his manger and lay him under the Christmas tree, managing to only injure Baby Jesus’s feet. He also somehow accomplished this without knocking down the extremely wobbly Wise Man that always had to rest on the edge of the creche.

4. Buddy & The Lake. When we would take Buddy down to visit The Lake, it was always fun. For one, their dog Big (a ginormous Rhodesian Ridgeback) would pal around with our 15-lb. Manchester pup like they were nothing but equals. Big even put up with Buddy’s completely socially inadequate play methods (Buddy would “play” with other dogs by kinda pouncing on their sides in a “playful” way. Big is seriously the only dog who ever “got” this.). Then there’s the time that Will was playing fetch with Buddy, and threw the ball through the plate glass door, which was set into a wall of windows. I think you “see” where this is going… Well, Buddy didn’t. He ran smack-dab into that glass door, knocked himself over, then shook it off and went to retrieve the ball. He was always a sport!

5. Buddy & the Grill. One Fourth of July down at The Lake, the grill almost exploded on the back porch (or so we thought). Somehow we managed to hustle like 45 people out of the house in under two minutes. Everyone, that is, except for Buddy. Mom goes running into the house to save him, because we can see him running around panicked and trapped. Gramps yells out, “Forget the damn dog! It’s not safe!” Well, that just wouldn’t do. So Mom runs into a house we are all certain is about to explode to save Buddy. She gets him, and we’re trying not to cry, when we realize the grill is not about to explode… the hose is just loose. So we all head back inside… and then Laurie’s Americana Berry Cobbler explodes. Scary! But we were all okay. Buddy included.

6. Being absolutely the best nap buddy ever. I swear, that dog was a slut and would snuggle up next to anyone. And he’d end up hogging the bed, but something about having him there just made the nap that much better.

There are 87,000 more things that I remember and treasure about him; this list certainly doesn’t do it justice. But it’s just a little bit of sharing for a dog who touched my life so much.

I miss you, Buddy. I wish you hadn’t had to leave us so soon.


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One response to “My Buddy & Me

  1. CJ

    Oh Whitney. I’m so sorry. Pets make such a difference in our lives.

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