Veggie Tales

I hate vegetables. But I need to eat more. And I need to eat fewer carbs and less meat. This is very painful for me to admit, because I love everything that has a carb in it: cake, cookies, cereal, chips, bread, pasta, tortillas, potatoes… the list goes on and on. And from what I hear, leafy greens are the veggies to eat.

Veggies I actually eat:

Spinach (raw, like in a salad. Cooked makes me want to gag, unless it’s in a quiche or spinach-artichoke dip)

Carrots, raw

Celery, raw, for dipping

Tomatoes, sliced, like for a sandwich, and never diced or wedged

Salsa, which totally counts — it’s tomatoes AND bell peppers AND onions

Bell pepper — not picky. Any way they come is great with me!

Onions, same, though I do slightly prefer cooked

Mushrooms, COOKED ONLY.

Lettuce, salads and sandwich garnish

Cabbage, in cole slaw ONLY. And I’m picky about the cole slaw — I usually prefer the Asian kind, in a vinegar slaw

Potatoes any way… which really doesn’t count as a veggie any more, right?

Sweet potatoes — this is new. I just realized that I liked them outside of sweet potato casserole (the pralined variety) this year

Green beans, fresh or canned French-style

CORN. Sorry, I do. It’s yummy anyway you slice it.

Okra. Fried, of course. I am from Alabama, after all

Asparagus, roasted, especially in Italian dressing. YUM!!

Squash, raw, like for a veggie dip

Broccoli, but only if it’s smothered in cheese, the way my mommy makes it!

That’s about it. Obviously, not the healthiest list, and I have a hard time conceptualizing how I would actually incorporate this very short list into a healthy, well-rounded menu!

The fruit I like is an even shorter list: apples, oranges, watermelon, pineapple, red grapes, tangerines, clementines. I can sometimes choke down the occasional strawberry and raspberry, but that’s about it

So, what’s a girl to do? I need to eat healthier, including more veggies. Do y’all know of any veggies that I can add to my repertoire that are similar to what I’ve already got? Please, please, please help!


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  1. Katie Tapia

    Try kale chips. I use a curly-leafed purple kale. Tear into bite-sized bits. Place on baking sheet in a single layer. Drizzle 2 tblsp olive oil and a small grating of parm cheese. Bake at 375 for 15 mins. Store remaining chips in a sealed container. So so tasty!

    Another thing to try would be soybeans. You can get frozen edamame and add to Annie’s mac and cheese to make it better for you.

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