Endless Summer

In the interest of preparing for summer, I just wanted to share with my lady-readers the best sunless tanner ever: Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Tanning Lotion.

Summer Color: Deep Dark on drugstore.com

Summer Color: Deep Dark on drugstore.com

It’s $6.99 on drugstore.com (link via the picture above) and totally worth it. Below is a picture from my 22nd birthday party so that you can see how AWESOME the color is. Not orange at all!

22nd Birthday Party

22nd Birthday Party

I obviously am the girl in the center wearing the precious tiara in celebration of my birthday (thanks, MRF!!). I love this sunless tanner because it makes me look like I have a carefree, sun-soaked lifestyle in about 2 hours, minus all the scary potential side effects.

I love laying out in the summer — something about being from Alabama and running on Vitamin D once the average daily temperature stays above 72 for 3 days in a row — and relaxing in tanning beds, too. God, I love love LOVE how relaxing the tanning bed can be. BUT when I was 19, I had a precancerous lesion removed, and since then, I just can’t justify spending hours and hours out in the sun (or in a Booth o’ Melanoma), so I try to limit the amount of time I spend out in the sun and I ALWAYS make sure that I have a full coating of SPF 15 (my favorite: Coppertone Oil Free Sunblock Lotion SPF 15) — just ask TR.

Some days, especially gloomy weather days or stressful days, I hear the tanning bed’s siren song, but I remind myself that I really, really don’t want to die of melanoma before I’m 30.

UPDATE: Okay, maybe I look a little orange. Just sayin’.



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3 responses to “Endless Summer

  1. strin012

    You need to tell TR that he can’t leave the house without his SPF 15, too. He refused to listen when I ‘splained why he should.

  2. PK

    I suppose everyone can’t be a naturally bronze Adonis.

  3. Mama

    Isn’t it a little weird that we all obsess (to some extent) about wanting to have skin that is darker than natural (our skin is our largest organ, by the way, and that makes it seem even a little weirder!)? Tan or paint that organ, girl! I’m FINALLY getting past that obsession…it’s about time! cm

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