It’s the Little Things, Really

This semester has been really tough for me — I’m living on undergraduate students loans.  For those of you who probably don’t know, that means that I borrowed about $8,000 just for this semester, which is supposed to pay for tuition+fees at the university, plus rent and utilities for January-June.  That means I have to tap into my savings to pay for things like my car payment and food.

This is a drastic change from the lifestyle I had just a few short months ago — I lived at home and could afford to regularly indulge myself, from cute sundresses and tanktops from Old Navy & Target (so cute!  so cheap!) to bikini waxes to regular haircuts from the BEST STYLIST EVER (Robin at Santa Fe Day Spa in Birmingham — please call her, she’s awesome!).  Not to mention going out for dinner whenever I felt like it with my friends, regularly getting carry-out for lunch while at work, and driving 4 hours every weekend (with $4/gal gas!) to see TR.

So yes, it’s been drastic.  Some are probably thinking, “Oh, poor, pitiful Bamagirl!  You poor little rich girl!”  But let me say: it’s very humbling to have to ask my parents to pay for my doctor’s co-pay  or ask my grandmother for her spare set of flatware because I can’t afford to buy more forks and spoons.  Living on student loans is PURE HELL, and very stressful for me.  I worked very, very hard in the months leading up to my return to school to pay OFF my credit card and sock money away. That money was supposed to be for a trip to Italy this May (HA!  YEAH RIGHT!) and a big event in the future, and now I’m using it to buy mac and cheese and sandwich meat, plus pay for my car (which I’m now totally kicking myself for buying, by the way).

I share all this to say: My mom texted me this morning and offered to buy me some new contacts.   I mentioned in passing last weekend at Mugga’s house that I was running low — I only have one pair left.  And so my mom is buying me contacts.  It means so much that even though I’m supposed to be an adult and doing this on my own, my parents can set aside a little bit of money to help take care of me, even with their own financial burdens to worry about.

I’m so blessed, y’all.  Thanks, Mom and Daddy.  I love you more than you’ll ever know.



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2 responses to “It’s the Little Things, Really

  1. CJ

    That really IS such a blessing.

  2. Cheryl

    Blessings are good…appreciative children are a blessing to parents as well…appreciating even the little things means a lot…nice to be blessed back! lu2

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