I just created a Twitter account.  We’ll see how it goes.  TR swears that it will be good for me because I can do it all the time, not just when I’m at a computer, and thus I will be able to share my Hotness and Questionable observations instantaneously.  I know y’all are so encouraged by this.  See, I must blog about this now because H is not here for me to be catty and wildly observant with.  Those were the good ole days.


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  1. maddie

    whit, i just want you to know that i still have no idea what twitter is. i was reading an article called the 100 UNsexiest men alive, john mayer being in the 30s i believe, and was called out for being an excessive “twitterer”. not knowing what it is, i click the link to his twitter. and it was stupid. really stupid. one sentence entries posted like CONSTANTLY throughout the day. all lame and whiny and trying too hard to be witty.

    please don’t do that. it’ll make you look like a loser. and you know i’m less dorky than taylor, so follow my advice on that one. (i still love you taylor, but law school automatically adds points) (and gov. riley too)

    just stick to the blog. and the grown-ups have no idea what it is either, so they won’t look at it.

    love you

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