I wish I could explain exactly how stressful and BUSY the last few weeks have been.  Suffice it to say, I have been telling my Curriculum class for about a month that “next week I will post my observations, I promise!”  And here we are, at the end of March and almost completely done with my observations, and I have yet to type up one set of notes, much less post them!

All of a sudden I am applying for the Masters program for this SUMMER.  I had originally planned to apply for the Fall, but I really, really want to take a class that is being co-taught with the chair of the Creative Writing department here, and I have approval from the college to let it double-satisfy my undergraduate deficiencies and my graduate specialty hours.  So yeah, I’m jumping through whatever hoops I can to only take 3 hours instead of 6!  So in the midst of figuring out classes, etc., I’m also trying to sort out my letters of recommendation and my statement of purpose.  It’s a lot to take in at once!  I feel like a chicken with its head cut off, seriously. And did I mention that Financial Aid has told me they have no idea how they were able to give me money for the current semester?  Yeah, that’s fun.

And then add to everything else (classes, registration, grad school app), I am looking for a job STILL.  It’s super-stressful.  I just need something, anything!  I’m willing to work in just about any setting, but the funeral home I drive past on the way home has already hired the sales counselor they were looking for.  Damn.  Even the dead people don’t need me.  And David’s Bridal was a bust.  I think when I hesitated over whether or not the manager could call Express Oil, she thought something was up.

Oh yeah, and friends.  I have no time for friends.  Did I mention that?  Which is not good, because you kinda have to see them to be one.  I just hope y’all read my blog and don’t think I’m being a total sketchball.  Which I am, but there’s no malice behind it, I swear!


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