Spring Break ’09!

So, it’s Spring Break, and in my typical fashion, I have no formal spring break plans.  This year (like the last couple years of college) SB=Home.  

I’m trying to FINISH, FINALLY FINISH, the infamous Two Year Table (And Counting).  I am dangerously close to finishing the table!  I have re-sanded it (after a stripping compound hot mess) and applied THREE coats of Kilz.  Next step?  Coat 1 of Olympic’s Haunting Hue (A48-1).  

Haunting Hue (A-48 1)

Haunting Hue (A-48 1)

My original idea was to go for a sort of seaglass light-aqua color, but Mom thought it was hideous (two years ago) and institutional (today).  So instead, I’ve decided to go with this smoky-lavender-blue color.  And I got new hardware, too.  I’ll post pics if it goes well.

Also, I am watching lots of TV, including reruns of Will & Grace.  Can I just share how awesomely genius this show is?  I was watching the episode where Will and Grace try in vitro fertilization and Grace meets Leo for the first time.  I like to call this episode the “Horse-Guy/Knocked-Up” episode.  I’m sitting in the den on my lonesome, and I am literally laughing my bee-hind off because the show is SO FUNNY.

Just thought I’d share.  Now I’m off to paint some table!  Yee-haw.


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  1. maddie

    so did you paint it?

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