No Groceries for a Week: Update

I realized today that I forgot (read: ran out of time) to post during my no-grocery shopping experiment.  I think it went pretty well, though I don’t really remember now what we ate…

I know we had spaghetti + Ragu with soggy garlic bread (or my feeble wheat-bread attempts), salad, and green beans (canned).  The lettuce had been bought the week before for my Mom’s Taco Fiesta (yum, toaster-tacos!!), and the bread was also a remnant, hence the toasting/garlic-breading.

I made fried rice and teriyaki chicken one night, with leftover white rice that had been sitting in the fridge for awhile (I made red beans and rice FROM SCRATCH, soaked the beans and everything!), and frozen chicken tenderloins.  I tell ya, my mom is brilliant — one of her tricks I’ve co-opted is defrosting meat in a marinadeon the counterop that I forgot to defrost properly in the fridge.  But don’t worry, I used lots of vinegar in the Best Teriyaki Marinade Ever to keep the bad germies at bay.  I already had eggs (used in the fried rice) in the fridge, and we use frozen peas and carrots in the mix, and I also used a white onion out of the crisper.

Now that I think about it, Mom’s Taco Fiesta (with toaster-tacos, yum!!) might have been cooked AFTER starting the Week of No Groceries, though I had already bought the gear.  See how that planning ahead works??  And of course we had plenty of leftover taco gear to have tacos for a meal or two more.

Please note: TR is no help in remembering these meals.  It happened about three weeks ago, which is a eternity for a law student, apparently.

Moral to the story: I think I did pretty good, with only eating out a couple of times during that week.  Yay for me!


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One response to “No Groceries for a Week: Update

  1. maddie

    yea. for me this is the week of eating food that has been in my pantry for 2-12 weeks. yay for cutting back!

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