Chelsea, lately

My life, lately:

3 midterms

6 midterm papers

Lots of reading

No part-time job

2 weddings

1 baby

1 mini-lesson that turned into 2 full-blown lessons

I cannot even begin to explain how busy I’ve been!  I really, really hate that I started a blog and have not been able to keep up with it.  Please also note that the hardest thing I’ve had to do thus far is switch back to not being done with stuff when I get back to my apartment.  I miss quitting at 5, Monday through Friday, and not having to do anything at night or on the weekends.   I have had the hardest time REMEMBERING STUFF, even with my assignment book!  For example, I just NOW remembered that I have an assignment due in an hour and a half.

I PROMISE, the next posts will not be whining and excuses… They’ll be real posts about my real life!


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