Sometimes, she reads my soul.  Other times, she’s just stupid.  For example, I have an ongoing quest to build the most representative (and therefore, eclectic) music channel.  That involves some of the following artists: John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Bill Withers, Al Green, Courtney Jaye, Fiona Apple, The Beatles.  So, when she plays one of my most favorite Coldplay songs (“Yellow”), I give her a thumbs-up.  When she plays a not-favorite Coldplay song (pretty much anything else), I give her a thumbs-down.  But here is Pandora’s tragic flaw: If I don’t give her a thumbs-down, she will continue to play the same stupid song OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Example: Smokey Robinson is a pretty cool cat.  But his song “Cruisin”, not so much.  I made the mistake of taking the passive route of not thumbing up or down, thinking that Pandora would take a hint and cease with the stupid Smokey.  I mean, clearly, I don’t like it, or I would thumbs-up it, right?  NO.  Pandora keeps playing the SAME STUPID SMOKEY SONG over and over again, and does not give me another Smokey song to choose from.  That is stupid.  Why, why, Pandora, do you do this to me?



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2 responses to “Pandora

  1. maddie

    hey whit, keep in mind that it is FREE and then you’ll like it a lot more. I usually have stations with like ONE r&b artist i like (alicia keys) and they always play all this other crappy stuff and i keep having to thumbs it down just because i wanna listen to my damn alicia keys. i have the new jason mraz itunes if you want it. it’s freakin’ incredible. i LOVE i’m yours. greatest happiest coolest song ever. love you big sistah

  2. Cheryl

    Who (what) the hell is Pandora?

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