All hail

I have a class that meets from 5-5:50.  And tonight I have a group meeting at 6:30 at Gorgas, then I’m attending ARDT at 7:30 PM in Morgan Auditorium.  This was going to be a busy but normal evening.  Until the sky freaking dropped out.  And as I’m making my way from Graves to Gorgas — not a long walk at all — a torrent starts comin’ on down.  And then I’m halfway into my walk when I realize that there is HAIL and it is falling my HEAD.  So I start to run, partly because of the hail, and partly because I’m walking across the Quad, which features lots of nice and pretty old trees.  Trees+lightning = bad idea.  I remember that much from elementary school.  And so I’m sprinting to the library, so close I can see the little transformer box outside, when the wind starts blowing so hard it almost knocks me over.  Now my shoes are soaked, my jeans are soaked, and I’m running even faster.  I can see the porch behind Gorgas, but there’s this creepy vortex of wind and rain swirling underneath the overhang.  Cruel, cruel nature, haven’t you done enough??  And as I’m running as fast as humanly possible, hail stones raining down on me, wind blowing me sideways, I’m swirled around in a vortex outside my destination.  And I lose my shoe.  Which is cute and made of fabric and completely soaked through.  I take the last 10 steps with a mild limp, toting my shoe and wondering how I’m going to dry off in time for my meeting in 30 minutes.  Yay, college.



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2 responses to “All hail

  1. bamagirl3525

    My sweet boyfriend brought me dry pants… Isn’t he the best?

    Also, my group totally did not show up. So I get all wet for nothing. Boooo.

  2. maddie

    this blog is so witty and funny that i HAD to read it to kristy and we laughed out loud, together. happy moments courtesy of whitney dawn miller. thanks

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