Always Check Your Rearview Mirror

I had this conversation with TR this afternoon:

me: i’m trapped

that girl came back
and she and that guy are oustide arguing about their cars
TR: haha
me: i shut the front door when i saw her pull up
TR: oh nice
me: but i should have left
but i needed to potty
TR: haha
me: do you think i can go out the window?
TR: no, it’s really high off the ground
me: dammit
i am so trapped
The incident in question?  One of TR’s neighbors backed into the giant black pick-up truck of another neighbor with her silver Altima.  She apparently would not let the truck owner call TPD immediately after the incident because she had to go take a test.  The truck owner actually came over to TR’s apartment and basically asked him to be a witness when he called the cops later.  So, Miss Altima comes back and hunts down Mr. Pickup, and now they are outside TR’s apartment arguing about their cars and whether or not to call TPD as we speak.  And since I am inside TR’s apartment at the moment, I am trapped and certainly don’t feel like I should walk out into the middle of it.

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