Family Circle

So, I was struck this past weekend by just HOW MUCH I favor my Aunt L.  I don’t mean this as in, “She’s my favorite aunt,” I simply mean, I am a whole lot like her!  Case in point: We’re getting ready to go to my Aunt Matt’s funeral, and she has on the cutest, snazziest outfit (silvery-gray double-breasted 3/4-sleeved swing jacket, red turtleneck, and black pencil-leg dress pants, plus cute black flats).  I compliment her on her fashion savvy, and she mentions that if the red turtleneck doesn’t look good, she has several other options (WITH HER, how much like me is she???  SO MUCH!!), and she starts listing the colors.  And in the midst, I go, “Wait a minute, did you get those at Target?”  And she smiled and said, “Heck yeah, they were on sale!”  My jaw drops.   “No lie, I bought the same one last week to wear under a dress to an engagement party.”

We are twin souls.  And then I find out that afternoon that she has houndstooth tennis shoes.


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