Best of times, worst of times

I got to see some of my ATL family this weekend!  This was a rare treat, but its sweetness is tempered because of why we came together — because one of my great-aunts, my Aunt Matt, passed away this Wednesday the 28th.  She had a long, slow decline from Alzheimer’s and a stroke and countless other things that just pile up and up.  She will be missed so much!  And really, because of the Alzheimer’s, she’s been missed for a long time.

My "Aint Matt"

My "Aint Matt"

It’s long, but here’s a link to the video the funeral home put together to share some of the memories of her wonderful life.

The memories of my Aunt Matt (“Aint Matt”, if you’ve ever heard me talk about her) I’ll treasure the most?  Spring and summer days spent on her and Uncle Gene’s farm, whether it was for an Easter egg hunt, to play with their bunnies they bred for awhile, or just plain ole chasing the chickens.  Riding down through Dallas County to take a trip down that long dirt road that was their driveway, well, it was worth it every time.  To me, they lived out in the middle of nowhere, but what a special little piece of Eden it was.  I’ll miss her a whole lot, and now going out to the farm never will be the same.


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  1. Martha Jean


    Monique told me about your blog. It’s great. Keep up the good work. I’ll tell my Dad, your Uncle Gene, Chuck and Charlton about it.


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