I Have This Class – 2.0

So, I have this class. I won’t tell you which one. I will tell you that I’ve blogged about it before. And today in this class, my instructor gets challenged on the content of our lectures.

This very brave young lady asks the instructor, “What are we going to be tested on? Because all we talk about in class is each other’s opinions.”

Causing the instructor to stammer, because the instructor was caught off guard, and say, “Well, I will be giving you a review guide before each exam.”

And I really, really, really wanted to stand up on my desk and cheer for this brave girl, because she asked the EXACT QUESTION that has bothered me for the entire class (so far). Hooray!

Now I feel like I have the instructor’s implicit approval to not pay attention in class. I mean, I still will, because it’s disrespectful not to, but at least I now have heard the instructor say, “The purpose of our class time is to challenge you and inspire you toward critical thinking.”



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