Lunching at the Ferg is Dangerous

me: lunch was questionable
i decided to venture toward the taco/quesadilla station
blimpie’s was out of bread
TR: hah
me: bad idea
watered down, likely canned, “roasted” chicken
TR: hmmm
me: a little bit of shredded yellow cheese
grilled just long enough to START melting the cheese
when i asked for jalapenos
she just dropped them on top
jalapeno juice and all
TR: wow, nice
me: so i had double-soggy quesadillas
TR: ew
me: also, i am about to go lay some smack down on the ferg people
i printed my paper for my 5 pm class in the ferg computer lab
no toner
i want my 15 cents back
or a good copy that i don’t have to pay for
TR: yep, i think you should at least email them
me: oh, you just have to go to the info desk upstairs
but kids are paying for prints
and not getting them
b/c of the quality
they don’t keep a monitor down here anymore


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