I have this class

And I won’t tell you which one, but I have this class, and it’s just awful. The instructor has no concept of what he’s teaching. Before our last class meeting, one of my classmates asked him if we needed to bring the textbook to class. “No,” he said, “you won’t need it because I really won’t be lecturing from the book.”

This is one of my peeviest of pet peeves. If the instructor does not find the required reading material compelling enough to lecture from (even just a little bit! even just one day a week!), why then, does he insist that I spend $65-150 of my hard-earned money on buying his tome?? If he doesn’t think it has any merit, well, then, I don’t either!

And I was at the point today where I almost stood up to call him out on his lack of effectiveness. Then I decided not to, as that is probably not the way to get an “A” in his stupid class. But I DO want to start recording his lectures, so that at the end of the semester, I can stroll into his advising professor’s class, present him/her with a cd, and say, “This is why this person should not be teaching.” Not qualified to be “just this class,” but “should not be teaching.” Because. It’s a waste. Of my time. If you gave me two weeks to read the text, I could probably take his final and ace it, and certainly meet the State Quality Standards or what have you.

Crap like this class is why I had a different major the first time around.


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  1. Cheryl

    Just so you know, high school teachers must “highly qualified” as deemed so by sitting (numbly?) thru a requisite number of college classes. However, there is not even that scintilla of a requirement for a college instructor. Wait a minute…they have probably sat thru the same sort of mind-numbing (dumbing) classes at their colleges…and who do you think their teaching role models are? You bet! Their college “teachers”! cm

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