You might actually want to know how school is going, right?

Well, thanks for asking. School is fine. I have now attended at least one meeting of all of my classes, which is good. And that means I can safely say that I really don’t understand what the big effing deal is. Is this all that I have to do to be highly qualified? Sit in classes where we just kinda talk about theory of stuff and then write 2-page papers, and then call it a day? I know I’ll be wishing I hadn’t spoken so soon once the semester wears on (because I always do…), but so far, I’m glad these are the courses I’m easing back into university life with.

Socially, though, it’s strange. I only know three people “my age” here — TR and two very lovely young ladies. There are tiny people, and siblings and such, but that’s it. I did make a new friend though! I feel like a 5-year-old for saying it, but in typical me-fashion, I was the passive one in the creation of the friendship.

But other than that, it’s all good, and by the end of this process I should be able to build theater sets, project my voice, and be a diverse lesson-plan maker. Woo-hoo!


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