What the tiny people wear

I am taking great comfort in the fact that I am not the only person who thinks what the tiny people wear is absurd. I have had a conversation with a new friend (yay for me!!) who thought it was ridiculous, and I overheard two clerks at a store that I was visiting talking about it as well. HOORAY! I am not the only one who thinks these children are freaks for dressing as they do.

Also, I was walking behind a young lady today who was sporting the “slim-cut sweatpants that are not leggins” look today, and I am happy to report that this young lady was in fact wearing underpants. However, they weren’t leggins. So I posit the theory that girls who wear leggins do not wear underwear, and girls who wear the slim-cut-sweatpant-thingies do wear underwear. Mankind can rejoice that I am hard at work untwisting the complexities of womankind.

PS — It doesn’t bother me as much when the children wear tennis shoes and/or running shorts with their leggins, because then I can at least PRETEND that they are doing some sort of athletic performance with their performance gear.


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