Saturday… I wish it was the Fourth of July…

Because then I’d know how this semester went, and if I passed the Praxis!

Yes, readers and fam alike, today is the day I take the Praxis.  Two hours and 120 questions determine whether I know enough to skip 15-18 hours of EN-designation classes and scoot on over to the Masters program in the fall.  Keep your fingers crossed that I make a 151 or higher (out of what, you ask?  Well, Watson, I have no bloomin’ idea!).  I start the test at 7:30 AM, so that’s when you can send the good vibes, please and thank you!!


Other news:  H  IS COMING!!   She will be here TOMORROW, and I am stoked.  I cannot wait to show her a little slice of this heaven we call Tuscaloosa, so if you have any suggestions, throw them up in the comments section and I will try to work them in.


Also, I don’t usually do this, but please keep two family friends in your thoughts and prayers.  Happy thoughts never hurt, either: (1) Gramps, my unofficial grandfather, had a heart attack two days ago, and as a result had FIVE bypasses and a valve replacement in his heart.  He is recovering now, but please be thinking of him so that he has the strength to recover 100%, and that his family has the courage to support him through this ordeal.  (2) The sister of one of my favorite teachers (and people!) found out this week that she has pancreatic cancer, and that it has already spread to her stomach.  She is electing to NOT undergo treatment, and will be cared for in hospice.  PLEASE, PLEASE keep this family in your prayers!!  They have already lost their beloved Auntie, so this is another blow to a family that acts with nothing but grace.  Thanks, y’all!!


I have other, minor/shallow comments to make about undergraduate attire, but I will save that for after the test.

Alright, here I go, wish me luck!!


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