It’s Over!

Yay, I finished the test! I get my scores in 4 weeks, so I’ll be sure to share with y’all when they come in.

Okay, fashion. The tiny people with the leggins disturb me. Deeply. Primarily because of my concern for their undergarment usage, but also because they just look stupid. In fact, they look as if their caring mothers bought them these leggins to wear under their jeans as they trek across campus in the sleet and snow, but were too hung over in the morning to realize they were leaving home without their pants on.

Until yesterday, I was willing to give the young’uns a modicum of credit for the lack of pants. That is, they “thought” their t-shirts covered their bums and it was just a minor wardrobe malfunction, intentional or not. Until, that is, this very cute girl in one of my classes stood up at the front of the classroom in Uggs, leggins, a white lace-trim cotton cami (like I wear ALL THE TIME, might I add), a fitted grey sweater/top thing on top of it, and a North Face fleece. Please, gentle readers, be advised that this cute little person knew, for sheezy and without a doubt, that her cute little tops did not cover her cute little tushy. The lace trim on that cami came to approximately her hip bones, and it was longer than the grey top she had on.

I share this to say — What the hell is wrong with these kids?? I have been down this road myself, and it is not pretty. I have a VERY distinct memory from FOURTH GRADE where my mom packed my overnight bag (thank you, Mommy, but that was a mistake I never made again!) with what was in THEORY a very cute outfit — a white tunic-type-tshirt top printed with a pretty blue and green floral pattern, leggins of a very pretty shade (though their color currently escapes me), a coordinating headband, and white socks and Keds. Cute, right? Except the tunic, which my mom could not have possibly known, did not cover my tushy, and I was uncomfortable all day because I knew the whole world could see my butt. At nine years old! I was uncomfortable all day! And these “adults” (ha, I keeed) are walking around like this all day. There is no way I can take any of them seriously.

Also, just wait till Brother Micah gets to campus and sees their heinies. He’ll have a field day with it.

PS — I know I will be struck down by the Alumni Gods, but I actually kinda like the new “pedestrian” campus. I get a warm-fuzzy thinking about how I can cross the street between Morgan & Rowand-Johnson and be fairly certain that my life will not come to a catastrophic end by a distracted co-ed trying to sing to the radio, talk on her cell phone, light up a cigarette, and wave to her friends all at the same time. Kids these days probably don’t even realize HOW to drive around campus, or that you even can. These tots have not started their collegiate career driving to Gorgas to return books. Nay, they take the Crimson Ride! Or walk!


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