Who knew?

Who knew that Graves Hall had a basement?

Lucky for me, my latest prof was very clear in her email that she expected us to be early to class, so I had plenty of time to explore four floors of the building and find out where I was supposed to be.  I will say, this is the strangest building, second only to Reese Phifer for a crazy layout.  And so far I have mixed feelings about her class — she is very nice, and obviously smart, but she is very touchy-feely, which I know would make TR pull his hair out!!

Here’s a link to a video we watched in class tonight.  What do you think?  Does this sound like you or people you know?  It sounds a bit like me, but I feel very distinct from a lot of these students, too.

We also watched part of a clip from a “60 Minutes” report on “Millenials” — those kids born between 1980 and 1995 who only want to surf the internet and care about themselves.  As a “Millenial” who has actually gone out in the workforce and come back to a university setting, I found the video mildly offensive in its characterization of those in my generation.  I’d share a link, but I’m posting from a computer lab and can’t check the clips on YouTube before I share.  I’ll try to put it up later.

PS — Just saw a girl in the hall wearing a bright purple swap t-shirt that had lime-green lettering, lime green Nike running shorts, and Uggs.  It was about 45 degrees when I came in at 4:45, so that girl has got to be freezing!!  Did I mention that she was wearing a full face of makeup?  I hate it when girls try to pose with the slummin gear, but then wear full makeup and blow out their hair.  You, my dear, are not fooling anyone.  We know you’re only trying to LOOK like you’re not trying…  It was the most coordinated thing I’ve seen all day!  At least she wasn’t wearing leggins.



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2 responses to “Who knew?

  1. madelynne

    oh whitney.. the joys of college. we were at lunch today and this very big-boned girl walked in wearing (drum roll, please..) black leggings, an oversize t-shirt, brown uggs, and a skanky sideways ponytail. and we talked about how gross it was for about 10 minutes. apparently things aren’t so different over here in the “farm country.” i will be enjoying your blog. it’s totally something i would do if i had time.
    love u

  2. bamagirl3525

    Also everyone, here’s link to the promised “60 Minutes” ‘documentary’: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/11/08/60minutes/main3475200.shtml

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