Post from Christmas Day

Dec 25
So, I got the best gift ever this morning. My mom, in all her infinite wisdom and practicality, stuffed my stocking with immodium and ibuprofen.  Surely it’s a gag gift, you think.  Not from my mom.  She knows me so well, she knew that anti-diarrheal medication was absolutely the best gift that Santa could bring me.  That means that when she was out picking up our stocking stuffers at CVS or Rite-Aid or wherever, she actually had to think to go over to the medication aisle to pick this up for me.  SO, it wasn’t just some random grab.  And that’s how I ended up sitting on the living room floor, crying, hugging my mom, and clutching a box of store-brand anti-diarheal medication.  Merry Christmas, y’all!


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