First Day of Class

Text messages to and from TR today so far, in order:

8:53 AM

Oh, the babies!  They’re all so tiny and fratty!

8:54 AM (from TR)

You are so gonna kicks their asses.  I love you.

9:58 AM (from TR)

How’d it go?

9:59 AM

Fine.  OMG, I’m in my next class and it’s sorority central.  I feel more vapid just for being here…

10:44 AM

This bldg is hot as balls! And I have 15 more min before I can escape into the classroom, and i sure hope it’s cooler than the lobby!

10:45 AM

Also, so far i have spotted 2 girls with leggins as pants… I’ve been in graves for 5 min…

10:45 AM (from TR)

Sorry boo.  How’s class?

10:47 AM

TH246 will be intense.  But so far for both th classes, i have to go to all ua play productions, plus the 2 dance prods for one class. Want to go with me? I think i’m going to buy the th/dn ticket pkg

10:49 AM

Guy next to me on the bench just FARTED, and it’s nasty!

10:53 AM

I think this prof is one of the strange boys from new hall.  Does [name redacted] ring a bell?

10:56 AM (from TR)

Only if you’re talking about the poli-sci prof.

10:58 AM

Nope, this guy i def recognize from undergrad 1.0. And not dr. [redacted].

11:54 AM

Dude! He is so annoying! This is going to be a long semester!

Clearly, there is a lot to get used to being back on campus.

1) Girls who wear undergarments as pants.  I don’t understand wearing leggins as pants and pairing them with a t-shirt that does not cover your bum.  This is not attractive, and it is frightening to think of what, if any, undergarments you are wearing under this very thin layer of cotton-Spandex blend.

2) Girls who wear boots with shorts (or leggins).  Whether they are Uggs or rain boots, I do honestly feel they were designed to be worn with pants and not your Nike running shorts.

3) Girls who wear slim-cut sweatpants as if they were leggins, in hopes that they will be mistaken for leggins because they are too body conscious to actually wear leggins.  Seriously, girls, just wear jeans…

4) And finally, girls who wear heels to class.  I know girls have been doing it since I was here the first time, but I just can’t seem to get used to it.  It’s so weird!!

PS: I had a terrible sinking feeling when I realized that I will NOT be able to take my morning coffee with me to my morning class.  As it’s in Morgan Auditorium, food and beverages are strictly forbidden.  Though the prof did give us permission to bring it water bottles, which is nice, because sometimes professors are real assholes about taking bottles into the auditorium.


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